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Gather your supplies. For this activity, you will need:


  • 2 batteries

  • 1 battery holder

  • DC motor

  • 2 wheels

  • Double-sided dot sticker


Prepare your power supply by opening the battery holder and inserting the batteries. 

  • As you pull out your batteries, what do you notice? Are the ends the same or different? 

  • To make sure the batteries are in correctly, notice that one end of the battery is flat and may have a negative or “minus” symbol near the end. The other end has a bump and may have a positive or “plus” symbol near the end.

  • Look in the battery holder and match up the negative (flat) end of the battery to the minus sign in the battery holder. This end of the battery holder may have a small spring.

  • Insert the flat end first, and then gently push the other end - the positive end - into place. This is the same process you may follow to replace the batteries in a remote control. 

  • Repeat for the second battery. The batteries will be facing opposite directions. 

  • Replace the cover on the battery holder.


Attach the wheels to the motor.


  • Notice that the motor is connected to a gear box (the part that is enclosed in the yellow part of the motor attachment). They are axles connected to both sides of the gearbox.  

  • Insert the axle on the side of the gearbox into the center hole of a wheel.  

  • You may need to rotate and push the wheel until the axle fits correctly into the shape of the hole. 

  • Repeat with the second wheel on the other side of the gearbox. 

Use the double-sided sticker dot to attach the power supply (batteries) to the DC motor:




Show how electricity needs to flow in a circle by connecting batteries and a motor. All together these things will zoom right out of your hands.

Connect the power supply to the motor:

  • Match the black wires, too.

  • Match the red wire from the motor to the red wire from the power supply. 

  • Gently press the pins from the motor wires into the white connector plug on the power supply wires. 

  • The wheels should begin to spin.

Unplug the wires and reverse the wires (connect the red wire to the black and the black and the red). What do you notice is happening??


The current switched direction!!

Set your robot on a flat surface and watch it role!






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